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Water Treatment Plants

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We are thoroughbred Water Treatment Professionals and clearly stand apart from the crowd. The difference begins from the design itself. With basic raw water quality, product water quality and capacity requirements, all required operational and maintenance provisions, all quality and performance monitoring provisions etc. taken care of in minute detail; more often than not, our products are extremely well designed; well engineered, high performing and long life.Whether it is a simple filtration plant or a complete ultrapure water plant and anything in between, this is the subject knowledge and experience, commitment to quality and standards, and professionalism that matters in delivering a complete and a proper solution to the customer's requirement. We have been into water treatment for last 35 years, have in depth knowledge of water chemistry, expertise in designing and execution, a fully equipped factory and trained people to ensure the best for our customers.

We have over 30 years of experience in providing reliable and sustainable solution for all type of water treatment products e.g. Membrane Separation:Reverse Osmosis; Water Disinfection Equipment; Hydro Pneumatic System; Hot Water Solutions; Water Supply System; Filtration:Sand Filters,Media Filters,Micron Filters,Cartridge Filters; Gravity Separation; Coagulation; Flocculation; Adsorption Filters; Ion Exchange Processes:Water Softening; Demineralisation; Dealkalisation; Phase Distribution ;Sterilisation/Disinfection:Chlorination,UV,Ozonation,Distillation ;Chemical Dosing.


Pressure Sand Filters / Multigrade Sand Filters / Dual Media Filters are all similar named according to the media of filtration used. All of them are porous media filters. Due to excellent underdrain design and media bed configuration; our filters are guaranteed for high performance and backwash efficiency.
We make and offer Filtration Plants in FRP and MSEP constructions, manufactured according to best engineering standards and practices.
  • Standard Micron Filters in 10" and 20" sizes / Big Blue Micron Filters in 10" and 20" sizes
  • In PVC / GFPP / Polycarbonate single element housings.
  • With nominal / absolute rated cartridges in 100 / 50 / 10 / 5 / 1 / 0.1 micron ratings.
  • With cartridges from the world's best manufacturers in PP / SS / other special materials. Melt Blown - woven - pleated and other types of cartridges
  • Our prestigious clients can avail from us, an excellent quality array of Specialty Filters. These filters are manufactured using advance methodologies and equipment as per the set industry standards. Moreover, our quality controllers inspect this range on diverse quality parameters in order to ensure delivery of defect-free product at clients' end. Available in various technical specifications, the offered filters can be availed at reasonable prices from us.
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Excellent functionality
  • Reliable operation
  • Activated Carbon Filters

    Micron Filters

    Water Disinfection Equipment

    Water Disinfection i.e. removal of infection viz. Bacteria, Virus, Pathogens etc. from water is very critical area irrespective of purpose the water is being used for. It acquires even more importance if the water is being used or supplied for Drinking, Food Preparation, Medicinal use, Beverages etc.
    We have a wide range of water disinfection equipment to choose from. Chlorinators (Liquid and Gas), ultraviolet sterilizers and ozonizers are the most common methods of disinfection, followed by Nano Filtration, Ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis.


    Flash Mixtures & Flocculaturs

    Chemical Dosing Systems

    ph / ORP Controllers

    Water Softening Plants

    AmritNeer Water Solutions water softening plants are simply top of the line. Best performance, least operating cost, no operational hassles and long life are assured.
    All of our competitors offer water softening plants but they do not even consider the working requirements that we pay a deep attention to. Few of them are : The Plant Design : We design water softening plants taking into consideration all parameters of resin functioning such as most optimum capacity expected on the given raw water quality, ( we never cut down on resin quantity ) , required maximum service flow rate, required OBR, ambient temperature at the site where the plant is to be installed etc.
    In the plant itself; all provisions for maintenance are made. In addition to the normal access manholes, separate resin outlet is provided. The strainer plate is made accessible both from the top as well as from the bottom to make sure that every internal nook and corner of the plant can be accessed for maintenance purposes. We use only Diaphragm Valves in our water softening plants as these are best suited for smooth control of flow rates ( flow rates are very important in backwash – regeneration – rinse and service operations ) as against ball valves or butterfly valves.
    Brine Tank: Narrow mouth plastic water containers provided as brine tanks leave a lot to be desired. No provisions are made for salt charging, cleaning, drain and overflow rendering the brine tank as good as not being there.
    Brine Agitation: Water softeners require a large quantity of salt to be dissolved in water for brine preparation and regeneration. This is impossible manually. Thus brine preparation is always incomplete, the plant does not get proper regeneration and does not perform well. Brine agitation systems are a standard on all our water softening plants (100 ltrs resin capacity onwards ) .
    Brine Ejectors: Water softener will work best only if it gets right quantity of brine in right concentration at the right flow rate and all this has to be ensured by brine ejector. We use only the standard brine ejectors with accurate suction ratio and tested capacity matching to the plant requirement.
    Brine Distribution: We provide separate brine distributor ( other than inlet distributor ) in all plants to ensure uniform distribution of brine over the resin bed and maximum regeneration efficiency. Simply connecting the brine discharge of ejector to the inlet line reduces the regeneration efficiency.
    Brine Density: To make sure that only the brine of right strength is used for regeneration ( not depending upon the weight of raw salt – which more often than not is heavily contaminated with silt plus not assuming the dissolution process to be complete ) ; we include brine density meter as standard supply with every plant.
    Under drain System: We design under drain systems ( Strainer Plates ) with sufficient passage to make sure that the brine never backflows into the brine tank due to the flow restriction caused by the underdrain system.
    The construction: All required engineering standards and best practices are followed in manufacture of plants.
    The Corrosion Protection: The plant vessel and the piping are provided with epoxy coating ( after sand blasting ) on all internal surfaces . The brine tanks have rubber lining to ensure total corrosion protection.

    Water Demineralisers / Dealkalisers

    RO Plants

    We make top of the line RO Plants suitable for drinking, beverages, packaged drinking water, healthcare, hospitality and a range of industrial applications. You can count on Consistently High Performance, Consistent output quality and quantity, Easy and Trouble free operation, Long life, Low down time and minimum operating costs from our plants.
    Meticulously designed on individual raw water quality and requirement basis. We always maintain the operation parameters within the prescribed limits so that the plant never underperforms. Manufactured in modern fully equipped factory with highly trained workers, use of proven quality components, specially developed mostly weld free piping components, high quality instrumentation, our plants naturally stand apart from the crowd. Besides; most competitive prices and reliable after sales services are assured.
    What makes us special is our 35 years experience in water treatment; our deep understanding of water chemistry, our commitment to quality and originality, our professionalism and our 100% dedication to the customer satisfaction. Competition doesnt even come close when it comes to quality. Buy one now enjoy the benefits.

    Ultra Filters

    Iron Removal Systems

    Water Supply Systems

    Hydro Pneumatic System

    Not getting enough pressure at your tap or the pressure keeps varying not enjoying your shower.Hydro Pneumatic Systems are the answer.
    Consistent, uninterrupted flow and pressure are ensured with our systems, not withstanding whether it is a small system made for one house or a huge system made for an entire establishment.
  • We make Hydro-pneumatic systems in both fixed speed and variable speed versions for all kinds of applications
  • We use high quality pumps, sensors, controllers and pressure tanks etc. and offer the best Hydro - pneumatic systems at least cost
  • We offer customized systems for individual requirements
  • Leveraging upon our technologically-advanced production facility, we are highly engaged in manufacturing and supplying Hydro Pneumatic System to our respected clients. The offered systems are extensively appreciated and demanded in market for their salient features such as sturdy construction, perfect finish etc. These systems are extensively demanded by our clients for providing continuous water pressure in industrial or residential sectors. Further, the offered pumps are checked on different parameters to ensure that we are delivering only flawless products to our clients.
  • Optimum performance
  • Enhanced service life
  • Water lubricated
  • Hot Water Solutions

    Central Hot Water Systems are much more superior and energy efficient over the point of usage water heating solutions like geysers. They ensure constant supply of consistently hot water with much less energy consumption and almost nil temperature fluctuation.
    Geysers; because of their limited storage and heating capacity are extremely inconvenient. They require a long start up time; start giving cold water within a few minutes and even when they are supplying hot water; mixing at the mixer tap is never smooth and one cannot expect a consistent temperature even for a few minutes. Besides; they are not designed to take pressure and hence start leaking in pressurized water supply.
    Central hot water systems are the solution, particularly where the hot water is to be supplied to a number of points simultaneously and also hot water requirement varies with time.
    Central Hot Water Systems are designed with sufficient storage capacity; the stored water is heated over the non usage period, and hot water is available as and when required. Hot water systems are able to utilize naturally available heat viz. the heat present is sunlight via the solar heaters, the heat present in the environment via heat pumps, thus offering great economy in operation.
    Central Hot Water Systems make use of a combination of heating methods viz. Solar, Heat Pumps, Direct Electrical Heating, Gas Boilers etc. to ensure maximum economy and efficiency.
    The success of a central hot water system depends heavily upon designing. Assessing the heating capacity requirements under worst conditions, assessing storage capacity requirements according to peak load time requirements, selecting theright heating method, right equipment designing and making effective on line sensing and control etc. are the vital factors. This is where ’ STAR’ expertise comes to help. Most meticulously designed and executed central hot water systems are the hallmark of "AmritNeer Water Solutions." .
  • Hot water systems for homes / hotels / institutions and Industry.
  • Heat Pumps up to 500 KW from world's best manufacturers.
  • Direct electrical heaters up to any capacity.
  • On line heaters.
  • Storage Type heaters.
  • Solar water heaters.