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AmritNeer Water Solutions swimming pool

Swimming Pool / Swimming Pool System Service

  • General repair & maintenance services related to
    • Filteration system
    • Pool cleaning system / suction sweepers
    • Under water lighting
    • Swimming pool heating systems
      • Swimming pool leakage
      • Tiles replacement
      • Structural works in swimming pools
      • Any specific requirement related to swimming pools

    General problems in Swimming pools

    MEP Problems

  • Water not getting clear / turning pale or green
  • Algae depositing in water / on tiles / in joints /
  • Suction sweeper / pool cleaning system not working properly
  • Water Flow not uniform over the entire overflow channel
  • Skimmy layer / leaves / dust / always floating on pool water
  • Too long operation of filter required
  • Excessive Chemical / electrical consumption
  • Underground lights not working
  • Water entering into underground lights
  • Construction Problems
  • Tiles coming out
  • Pool Leaking
  • Coping stones coming out
  • Water level in pool not uniform
  • Cracks in swimming pool
  • Major reasons

    MEP Problems
  • Under sized pumps / filters / inter connecting pipe line
  • Wrong location / lessor number of inlet nozzles
  • Improper / inefficient filteration- distribution- disinfection of pool water.
  • Inherent system under design
  • Unprofessional job Execution
  • Bad Workmanship
  • Bad equipment / material at any level
  • Poor preventive measure / bad routine maintenance
  • Lack of expertise at any level
  • Construction Problems
  • Improper water proofing
  • Improper sealing of water pipes & conduits entry-exit points, under water light niches
  • Drain gratings and drain grating frames
  • Puddles not having been used for pipe entry and exit
  • Tiles not having installed / grouted properly
  • Water getting under the tiles due to any faulty installation
  • Water proofing / structural considerations having been ignored
  • RCC and brick work put together on water site
  • Distribution pipe joints under the pool floor not done properly