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Swimming Pools

AmritNeer Water Solutions swimming pool

Swimming Pools are not just another water tanks, nor are the Swimming Pool Systems just a set of a pump and a filter and the swimming pools can not be done any which way by any John, Dick or Harry.
The construction features of the swimming pool and placement of a full swimming pool system for effective working and proper performance require serious technical considerations. Consulting a Swimming Pool Professional in the planning stage itself can PRE-EMPT Many Costly Mistakes.
It s even better to entrust the entire job of making the swimming pool to professionals so that you can be sure of a well designed; well built, beautiful and appealing, fully functional swimming pool and there are no operational or maintenance problems.
We have been into making swimming pools and swimming pool systems for decades, made hundreds of pools and pool systems, and swimming pools we made 25 years ago are still functioning smoothly. That is a testimony of the quality we deliver.
We can professionally handle any swimming pool project from mini residential pool to community pools to commercial pools to sports pools including half olympic and full Olympic size pools.

  • Attractive designs and finishes
  • Overflow Design as per your choice : Open / Closed / Vanishing Edge / Box Overflow
  • Both, indoor and outdoor pools
  • Wide range of options in tiling / coping / decking
  • Wide range of swimming pool equipment, accessories etc
  • Turnkey execution including all civil, mechanical, electrical works
  • In house designing / complete system engineering before execution
  • Proven Expertise - 100 % Guaranteed performance
  • Strict quality adherence and high standards
  • Value for money, total reliability
  • Wide range of pool sizes right from small domestic pools to full Olympic pools and more
  • Specialized Underwater Lighting
  • Pool Heating
  • Pool sports equipment
  • Special purpose ( Healthcare / Lap / Counter Current etc. ) Pools
  • Readymade ( Prefab ) Pools

  • Swimming Pool Accessories
    Swimming Pool Equipment
    Swimming Pool Heating