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AmritNeer Water Solutions swimming pool

Water Treatment System Maintenance Services

  • General repairs of whatever nature and magnitude
  • Total overhauling / renovation / recommissioning
  • Solutions related to individual particular problems
  • Replacements of all types
  • Remodelling / upgradation of equipments
  • Process redesign if required

  • Usual problems in Water Treatment Plants

  • Plant performance not upto the mark
  • Output quantity of water not upto the mark
  • Output quality of water not upto the mark
  • Excessive maintenance & operating cost
  • Frequent breakdown
  • Constant leakage etc.
  • Major Reasons

  • Mistakes in basic process design & detailing
  • Wrong selection of basic perfomance parameters like filteration velocity , resin exchange capacity , optimum regenration levels , membrane flux , etc. resulting in smaller or lesser than required equipment / component being incorporated into the plant.
  • Wrong/ Substandard equipment / material / specification selected
  • Bad Assembly design
  • Bad Workmanship
  • Wrong Operation
  • Poor preventive measure / bad routine maintenance
  • Lack of expertise at any level
  • Sudden change in raw water quality / operation parameters
  • Normal aging of equipment / component not identified by users
  • To support owners in managing their plants' operation and maintenance, we provide assistance and technical advice services that cover the following areas:
  • Prevention and safety
  • Technical and economic plant performance (treatment quality, operating costs)
  • Equipment maintenance (maintenance and renewal plans)
  • Asset management (asset management plan, inventory management)